LED Light Bars

From the very beginning we set out to become market leaders. Today, the quality and performance of our LED Light bars surpass that of the most respected players in the industry.


  1. ST4K Double Row
    ST4K Double Row

    We all know the ST4K series is the jack of all trades. Excellent beam throw coupled with a useful wide beam.  This comes as no surprise given that it shares the same DNA as the legendary STEDI TYPE X.  

  2. ST3K Slim
    ST3K Slim

    Built on our hugely successful ST4K LED & reflector platform but with a low profile design. Our ST3K range is designed specifically for application that are tight on clearance but still command maximum performance.

  3. ST2K Curved
    ST2K Curved

    Hit the ‘on’ button and our ST2K Super- Drive LED light bar’s motor-sports pedigree instantly becomes evident. Compared to traditional optical systems, our innovative Super-Drive reflectors system delivers unmatched light intensity at the mid to long-range.

  4. ST3303 PRO Double Row
    ST3303 PRO Double Row

    Unquestionably, ST3303 PRO sits at the pinnacle of the STEDI offering. A pure expression of capability and design that converges with brutal performance, making the all-new ST3303 PRO unmistakably STEDI. 

  5. ST3301 PRO
    ST3301 PRO

    Our ST3301 Series 41 Inch LED Light Bar is designed to offer a high volume of light in the mid-range, with excellent visibility on the road shoulders. Compared to bars like our ST4K & ST3K our ST3301 forms a larger diameter spot that blends homogeneously with its wide beam

  6. ST1K E-Mark
    ST1K E-Mark

    Our new ST1K series is ECE approved, making it road-legal in Europe and New Zealand. The wide-horizontal beam patterns significantly reduce glare caused by road signs.

  7. ST-X E-Mark
    ST-X E-Mark

    Features our new borderless design ST-X LED range features an amber and white LED DRL / Back Light Function. As well as a high and low mode to meet E-Mark compliance.