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  • M6 Anti-Theft Nut Tool - $5.00
  • M6 Anti-Theft Bolt Key - $5.00
  • M6 Anti-Theft Bolt 20mm - $7.50
  • M6 Anti-Theft Nut - $7.50
  • M8 Anti-Theft Nut Tool - $5.00
  • M8 Anti-Theft Bolt Key - $5.00
  • M8 Anti-Theft Bolt 15mm - $7.50
  • M8 Anti-Theft Bolt 40mm - $7.50
  • M8 Anti-Theft Nut - $7.50
  • M10 Anti-Theft Nut Tool - $5.00
  • M10 Anti-Theft Bolt Key - $5.00
  • M10 Anti-Theft Bolt 40mm - $7.50
  • M10 Anti-Theft Nut - $7.50

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Special Price: $7.50

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ANTI-THEFT KIT BUILDER is available for purchase in increments of 1


Select the amount of the Nuts, Bolts, Keys & Tools you require


This product is set up in a way for those looking to kit up their LED Lights with Anti-Theft nuts & bolts to reduce the risk of having you Lights stolen. Select all the required nuts & bolts with one of the corrisponding key / tool for the size (e.g if you select an M8 40mm bolt, you will need the M8 Key. If you select an M6 20mm Bolt & an M10 Nut, you will need both an M6 Key and M10 Tool)

How It Works:
Its quite a simple process, just tick the checkbox of the required style and size option (if avaliable) and enter the quantity you need. 


Universal Anti-Theft Kit Builder 

What's in the box

What’s in the box

1 x STEDI Custom built Anti-Theft Kit

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