STEDI LED Lights and Unique Applications

This blog was originally set up quite some time ago but as time went on we didn't really keep on top of it. Since the original post date, we have had some nothing short of amazing applications for our lights so we decided this article may be well overdue for a touch-up. We have gathered a few unique builds and compiled them here as an inspirational guide for those wanting to see possibilities for installation a little left of field. Keep in mind that not all of these installs are ADR and in no way, shape, or form, plug & play.


For those singing the impossible, check out this Nissan Silvia S15 that has an ST3K headlight upgrade! Kaz has replaced her factory high beam completely for her drift car with a pair of ST3K 7.5 inch light bars. Keep in mind that when on the track there is no ADR for high beam, so definitely don't attempt this conversion on your daily. 

STEDI ST3K LED Light Bar Nissan 200sx S15STEDI ST3K LED Light Bar Nissan 200sx S15


This 70 Series LandCruiser, fitted with the Tuff bull bar has 4 ST3K light bars mounted vertically using the vice brackets. Due to the bars on the bullbar fixed vertically in the midsection, this customer has found a creative way to not only work around the design of the bull bar but along with it.

Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series ST3K InstallToyota Landcruiser 70 Series ST3K Install


Simple yet very effective. This one is pretty sleek in terms of having that additional lighting when needed but when not required are probably very hard to tell that they are even there. This customer has done a few of the LED conversions around the car but for obvious reasons, we were pretty impressed with the 2 C4's hidden in the grille. Not sure the exact installation for this one but should be very achievable on most vehicles.

Subaru Liberty C4 Grille InstallSubaru Liberty C4 Grille Install


No bull bar, no problem! Because running enough light to replace the sun on the roof apparently doesn't cut it, this customer also went ahead to chop up the factory ford grille and add a pair of 2 31.5 inch ST2k's as well. Most of the install will make any new car owner cringe like hearing nails on a chalkboard, there is some cutting that was done. Removing the middle section to create an opening so that the brackets can reach the mesh behind and hold the bars as close as possible for support. From memory, I can't remember but it is safe to say that there is most likely some additional support going on behind the mesh.

Ford Ranger PXII ST2K Grille MountFord Ranger PXII ST2K Grille Mount


One that we get frequently asked about is the lower grille light bar on this Holden Colorado Sports Cat. This Sports Cat, in particular, did come through our warehouse to test fit our roof rail bracket but the lower grille light is of his own doing. From what we understand, the owner simply used the brackets that come in the box with the ST3K and drilled the holes into the base to cater for the light to be mounted straight in. 

Holden Colorado Sports Cat HSV Lower Grille Light Bar InstallHolden Colorado Sports Cat HSV Lower Grille Light Bar Install


Have something a little unique? Send us a message or email with some photos and you may just see your vehicle up on this blog.