To provide as much infromation when installing certain types of brackets to your LED Lights in various applications we have set up this blog post. If you haven't found the instructions you're looking for feel free to email us at [email protected] and send through a request. Also covered are some quick tips whilst installing Anti-Theft Kits to the lights you have kitted up around your vehicle. If you are looking for instructions in regards to the STEDI Type-X Brackets click here.

Please note these will be updated with step-by-step instructions over time. As an early stage we have set up brief descriptions on mounting techniques along side application photos to give examples of set ups we have come across.


 Nuts Diagram


LED Light bars will come standard with side brackets available for mounting. Only having this as an option for mounting does add some limitation to install points around your vehicle but in most cases this can be overcome by using bull bar clamps to create tabs to line up with the side brackets. If you have a lower profile light like the Micro or ST3K series LED Light bars, it is easier to insert the bolts through the bottom of the bracket first because after the side bracket is mounted to the light you will struggle to pop it through from there.



- 13mm Spanner or Adjustable Wrench
- 5mm Allen Key (most common size)


As with most cases to setting up brackets you will want to place the bolt that will attach the light bar to the vehicle first due to the space that is left under the light once the bracket has been attached is usually very minimal. If you will be mounting the side brackets with the tab facing away from the bar this step can be left until ready to fit to the vehicle. Start by placing the spring washer on the bolt that will thread into the light bar followed by a washer.


Line the bracket up with the light and tighten to a point where it won't spin freely but with a little bit of force will be able to spin. This is so once the bar is fitted you will be able to adjust the angle of the lights beam before finally securing tightly.



Generally a standard feature on some of the larger range of light bars and a lot more versatile when in comes to installing. On the light bar these have slots at the bottom and in some cases the top as well that the bracket will fit into providing an adjustable length to reach any existing tabs on a bull bar tube.



- 2 x 13mm Spanner or Adjustable Wrench
- 4mm Allen Key


First step is assemble the sliding bracket itself which is quite simple and will just need to be repeated for as many individual brackets you require for installation. The shorter bolt simply slots through the u-bracket and sits in between the 2 tabs that hold the bolt in position when installing the light bar to your intended application.


Now the longer bolt is used to attach the u-bracket to the slider adding a washer first and then the nut. This can be done up just enough that with a bit of pressure the angle of the u-bracket to the slider can be altered so when the bar is installed you will be able to adjust the angle of the beam without any hassle before locking it all in to position.


Lastly for this step is screwing in the 2 small allen bolts that act as teeth to grip the sliders to the bar during the final install. They can be installed with only a few turns as they will need to be adjusted later on.



Moving on to installing the light to the vehicle you can insert the relevant number of brackets into the light via the wider entry point on the light. Now line these up with the tabs on the vehicles bull bar or other install point around the vehicle.


Once slotted it you can tighten up the 2 small bolts on each of the sliding brackets as these are will be the location they will need to be.


Add the washers and nuts to the bolt that holds the light to the vehicle and tighten firmly. Finally you are now able to set the correct angle for the light and once you're happy with how it is positioned tighten up the last of the bolts to lock everything into position securely.



Found on 95% of LED Work Lights and LED Driving Lights is the U-Bracket running a soild piece from each side of the mount points to the light and joining in the middle. These are a straight forward design with simple installation that will bolt up and attach straight to any single tab you have around your vehicle. With work lights usually a lot smaller in size than your average light bar they can easily be installed by simply drilling a hole in the desired location around the car such as roof racks, rear bumpers, etc...  and following the standard install method. 



As you can see from the 3 photos below, mounting an LED Light bar to your roof has a variety of methods to installing dependin on current accessories you have installed and preference on adjustability with angle and position of the light bar.

Options include:
- Using the side brackets or adjustable sliding brackets provided with the light and mounting to an existing roof rack.
- Custom made brackets that will replace any bracketry supplied with your light and attach straight from the roof of your vehicle to the light bar. We say Custom because these dimensions change from vehicle to vehicle as the roof may be wider, have more curvature to the design of the body and so on.
- Finally the last method which is definitely the least preffered amongst the community. Mounting the light directly by the side brackets to the roof. This includes drilling mounting points on the roof of your cars roof for the light to attach to. This method is least recommended as there is little to no room for error and leaves little adjustment ability for repositioning the light. 




The STEDI Vice Clamps allow you to still use the side bracket mounts on the light bar but give you the ability to slide the position freely across your bull bar whilst also allowing tilt + roll of the brackets and light bar for different mounting positions. Equipped with a gripping screw to lock in when you're happy with the position to secure the angle and ensure no movement during use. 



Our Number Plate bracket is there when you are looking to keep the factory look to your car. Installing and mounting straight off your factory bumper piggy backing of the screws from your number plate this bracket provides you with an easy set up mounting surface for driving lights without much modification to the car. With LED Light Bars becomming more popular throughout the different corners of the market ranging from 4x4 to your everyday family sedan, here at STEDI we understand that not everyone wants the modified look to their car & should be an easy process for installation regardless of your vehicle set-up.



Coming Soon




This is one of the more technical of the installation methods and requires quite a lengthy guide for installation.