CANBUS Modules are sometimes required on certain vehicles to rectify bulb out warnings and potential issues that may pursue including low beam lights being disabled or flickering in some cases. 

You may notice that our LED Copper Heads list that the CANBUS is inbuilt, this to most cases is all you will need for compatibility with your vehicle rectifying any issues you may have with onboard computers when converting your standard halogen to LED. The reason you may require CANBUS is due to the fact that most modern cars have systems in play that monitor the current draw of the headlights (generally this only applies to low beam), doors being open, faults in certain components, and so on. If the system detects the current in the headlight is either higher or lower then what is in its selected guidelines, there can be a variety of outcomes including flickering, bulb out errors and complete shut down of headlights when the current variates outside of what is considered normal.

In short, the system will check for the current to make sure the lights are performing correctly and have not blown out. When converting to LED, because of its lower current draw then your everyday factory halogen bulb, these errors are sometimes triggered because they fall below the current of the operating factory halogen. The CANBUS Module regulates power to the LED globe and will comply with the system so that the current reading meets within normal working conditions.



To test your vehicle for CANBUS requirement is as simple as unplugging either one of your vehicles low beam, turning on the ignition, and checking for any bulb out/dash warning regarding headlights. If your vehicle shows no errors on the dash, no CANBUS is required and the inbuilt CANBUS will do the job perfectly as it still acts as a regulator for the current supplied to the globe. If you are also looking to convert high beam globes it may also be worth testing as well, throughout our time researching headlights, we have also come across a very small bunch that also require CANBUS modules on both the low and high beams.



Some vehicles require an additional CANBUS as there is a small handful that has systems that not only check for a current draw but voltage as well. Unfortunately not as easy as identifying if you need a standard CANBUS the additional requirement is generally discovered once you've installed the kit and still receiving bulb out warnings. We have done our best in researching which vehicles require additional CANBUS Modules which can be found through our Vehicle Selector.

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The additional CANBUS Modules we supply are available in the same format as our headlight globes, i.e, H4, H7, etc... If you know your vehicle's bulb fitting and the CANBUS requirement, we have listed our current available CANBUS Modules via the Shop Now button below.



Note that the H11 fitting covers H8, H9, H11, H16, and H26 connectors.

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