Our range of Copper Head H7 special adaptors & bulb holders cater for the vehicles that run aditional brackets to secure the light into the housing. As these are a new range for us and we will need time to research which vehicles require which brackets/holders, at this stage we only have a small list of known compatibility in our data base but have provided this guide to help you locate the right fitting for your car. Also note that some bulb holders can look similar with only minor variations to the dimensions which may not fit correctly into the globe socket.


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Start by removing the H7 collar from the unit by twisting to release and lifting off. Once you have the correct holder required for your vehicle, it will need to be secured onto the H7 collar. This process can be a little difficult as the collar and holder connect quite firmly so additional tools may be required.


Once secured place the collar back over the globe and lock into position. This can only be fitted one way as the clips either side are different sizes, twist to secure.


Install the complete globe unit into the headlight housing securing into position, make sure the globe fits nicely and does not move freely too easily. If the globe will not secure properly or does not sem to be as secure as the original globe, make sure that the bulb holder has been installed correctly and sitting firm on the collar. Please make sure the holder type you have selected were the correct ones for your vehicle.


Once mounted back into the housing unit, test the headlights making sure everything is working as intended, attach any covers or dust caps that had been removed for installation and you're all good to go. If there are other aspects of the installation process you are unsure of like CANBUS Modules and so forth, please refer to our LED Conversion Guide.



The L06 is compatible with vehicles that power the H7 globe via the side of the collar. L06 special adaptors grab the positive and negative from this point and allow you to connect the H7 plug on the copper head driver to draw power through the factory tabs.

L06 Special AdaptorL06 Special AdaptorL06 Special Adaptor