The supplied switch in our Plug & Play harness allows you to isolate your driving lights from your high beam. When the switch is ON the light bar will turn on when you activate your high beam switch. When the supplied switch is OFF and your high beam switch is activated, your high beams will turn on, but your driving lights will remain off.


Always consult your vehicle owner manual for information regarding the installation and use of accessory lights. 


The STEDI Quick Fit High Beam Wiring Harness is ADR compliant in its use and operation. The STEDI harness is unique in that it is compatible with both Positive & Negative switched vehicles without any modification to the harness whatsoever.


Mounting Relay

Disconnect the negative battery terminal before commencing any electrical work on your vehicle. Always wear the appropriate safety equipment. Locate a suitable mounting location for the relay which is in close proximity to your battery to ensure the positive and negative cables will reach the + & - terminals of your battery. Do not connect this terminal just yet. Check that the switch and other cables can reach the desired locations, and ensure all cables are routed away from moisture and heat.   This is a good time to work out the path you will route the wiring. 

TIP: You might be able to use a pre-existing bolt near your inner fender to secure the relay. 


Round Dime SwitchDash Switch

Run the switch inside the cabin of the vehicle through a suitable pre-existing rubber grommet in the firewall. The switch has a disconnection point from the harness which might make it easier to plumb through the firewall. They include a round dime switch that requires a 19mm diameter hole in a suitable location your dash. If you purchased one of our optional OE Type Push Switches, we have a detail Push Switch Wiring DIY Video also available in our blog.

TIP: Sometimes it's easier to locate a grommet from inside the cabin, and then push the switch out and reconnect in the engine bar. You might also find that often there are worthy entry points through the firewall on the passenger side of the engine bay. 

GOOD TO KNOW:  The switch wire colors on our wiring harness are as follows;  BLACK = EARTH | BLUE = RELAY | WHITE = HIGH BEAM 


Connect Driving Light ConnectorsDeutsch Connector DT2 Moulded

Find a suitable pathway from the relay to your driving lights which are clear of heat and moving objects, and connect using the pre-fitted waterproof Deutsch Connector. 


H4 Headlight SocketH4 Piggy Back Connected

Remove your factory H4/HB3 connector from the rear of your cars high beam bulb, and connect it to the female adapter on the wiring harness supplied. Then connect the other female H4/HB3 connector to the back of your hight beam bulb.

TIP: The piggyback wiring connection is long enough to facilitate connecting on either the drivers or passenger side headlight.  Sometimes the connectors are inside the headlight assembly, whereby you will need to remove the dust-cap to access the high beam bulb. 

GOOD TO KNOW: Our Plug & Play wiring harness comes with the most common high beam socket connector HB3 and H4. If your vehicle's high beam socket is different, we also sell H8, H11, H9, H7, H1, and H3 Piggy Back Adapters separately.  With some vehicles, it may not be possible to use piggyback adapters due to the nature of the high beam type. In these cases our wiring harness is still compatible, however, the high beam trigger will need to be tapped/grafted into the vehicle circuit manually. In this regard, we recommend installation be carried out by a professional. 



Connect the red power cable to the + terminal of your battery, and black earth cable to the – of your battery terminal. Check that all connection a securely fastened, and then proceed to reconnect the factory negative terminal of your battery.

TIP: If you plan to connect your earth to vehicle bodywork, please ensure that any paint is thoroughly removed to ensure a reliable earth. 

GOOD TO KNOW:  Some modern vehicles like the Nissan NP300, Ford Ranger etc have Smart Charge Alternators. Car equipped with Smart Alternators usually have a dedicated earthing point adjacent to the battery, this is an ideal location to use as your earthing point. To determine whether your vehicle is equipped with a Smart Charger system we recommend that you consult your owner's handbook or contact your dealer. 

Chassis Earth


DISCLAIMER: Please ensure you check with state and local authorities for laws governing the use and proper mounting of LED Driving lights.  For completeness, we have included a link that covers the most recent amendment to the ADR that deals with the legalities surrounding mounting LED Light Bars and Driving Lights. 

Modern motor vehicles are increasingly equipped with complex electronics and it is recommended your LED Light Bar is installed by a qualified automotive electrician to ensure they are installed without affecting the vehicle’s electrical system and in the built computer system. A qualified automotive electrician is trained to ensure the installation will meet the ADR (Australian Design Rule) regulatory requirements. It is highly recommended to use a licensed auto electrician to install the lights and the accompanying wiring harness. ALWAYS take care when handling electrical wiring, placing undue force on wiring/cables can result in damage internally and cause the wiring to fail.