LED Rocker Switch Diagram 5 pin


If you look closely at the rear of your rocker switch you will see that each pin has a number adjacent to it. Below is breif outline on the allocation of each pin;

  • PIN 8 : This is the ground wire for the upper light switch, which will turn on when your accessory light is active 
  • PIN 7 : This is the ground wire for the lower light switch, which will turn on when your interior dash lights are on
  • PIN 6 : Normally connected to your cars das light circuit, so low light comes on when factory dash lights are on 
  • PIN 3 : Connects the Relay 
  • PIN 2 : Connect from fused source 


Rocker Switch Diagram


Some people prefer not to have the lower light on at all, and only prefer that the upper light turns on when the accessory light is switched on. If this is your preference, you are only require to wire PIN 8, PIN 2 & PIN 3, leaving PINs 7 & 8 empty. 

STEP 1: Your STEDI wiring harness comes with a universal switch, to proceed to wire to your Rocker switch, first unplug the universal switch from the white connector in our wiring harness. 

STEP 2: Remove the Black, Blue and White wires from the white connector on the wiring harness side (not the universal switch side) 

STEP 3: Crimp the 3 wires with spade connector which fit perfectly on the PINs on the Rocker Switch






STEP 4:  Connect the Blue (or Red) Wire to PIN 3 

STEP 5 : Connect the White (or Yellow) wire to PIN 2 

STEP 5: Connect the Black Wire to PIN 8 

You're done! 

We havnt covered how to connect the low light to your dash light circuit in this guide, as every car is different and therefore there is no universal step by step procedure we could offer. 

If you have any questions, please email using the contact form any time, we are here to help! 

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