We have recently added our new LED by Car Model section under the LED Conversion Kits dropdown menu. This new sub catergory will help select the propper High or Low beam LED Headlights as well as parkers and in the not too distant future fog lights.

Start by navigating to the LED By Car Model catergory and selecting the make of your car (Toyota, Ford, Nissan, etc...).

Once in the make of your vehicle select the model from the first drop down menu. As you select your model a second drop down box will appear which will be the Spec Selection. Depending on the model of car it may have a few different options of spec as well as year it was produced that may also extend to an additional drop down-box. This information (if not known already) is quite Simple to find either written on the tailgate of the vehicle or in the owners manual. This information for example is normally Ford Ranger PX II Wildtrack. 

*Please note if your model has +$10.00 in the drop-down menu it means that this model requires an additional canbus for use of LED Headlights*

Finally you will be provided with the options for LED Conversions we currently have logged in our system for this specific model. Some vehicles will have a separate High Beam and Low beam options which means that the vehicle runs separate globes for the 2. If your vehicle has come up with a High/Low Beam Combo this means the housing fits a globe which provides both High and Low beams for your car. This usually has an +$20.00 next to it.

If you are looking to upgrade the existing fog lights on your vehicle to LED but it not provided in our listing as yet please feel free to contact STEDI and we will be able to supply the specific kit you will need. Also if you find your specific vehicle is not listed in our system please drop a comment either in this post or on the product page for your make of car.


Click over to LED By Car Model to see just how easy it is!