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In our view, the E92 BMW M3 and its high revving S65 V8 engine are the last of the true M3 models to come out of Stuttgart. We can't think of a better all-round package that offers a tight chassis, rear-wheel drive, screaming naturally aspirated 4.0ltr V8 which makes power all the way out to 8,250rpm.  Hit the "M mode" button and you have a highly capable track weapon right out of the box, and when you're done hooning it will drive you home in utmost comfort. The pre-LCI model however was lacking in the interior and exterior light department.  The signature angel eyes are factory halogen, as is the plethora of interior LEDs. We spent some time with this stunning 2008 Jerez Black model (which happened to be fitted with Harrops TVS1740 supercharger) upgrading the various incandescent to LED, and we think the results speak for themselves.

BMW E92 M3

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Via our vehicle selector, we have a small abundance of LED upgrades for the M3 interior.  Upgrading the interior lights will not only look a lot more suited to the era of the car but also provide much more light illumination throughout the vehicle.

BMW E92 M3 Interior LED

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Some of our more recent upgrades include the courtesy lights which are a complete unit over the stand-alone globe replacements. This provides a much better light output and smoother beam. 

E92 M3 Led Courtesy LightE92 M3 Led Courtesy Light



New to our range of LED conversion kits are the 1000 lumen high output globes. Available in T10/15, T20, and BA15S they will suit just about any car on the market. Compared to our other conversion globes they offer a much brighter illumination with a slightly different installation method. A good customer has thrown together a short video briefly describing the installation as well as giving quite a useful comparison between the factory halogen globes.

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These LED upgrades for the Angel Eyes will make a big difference in performance, brightness, and colour temp. The method we found for the easiest installation is, using the largest tab on the collar as a reference and have it facing down, bend the copper tails 90° away from the tab upwards. Start by facing the globe head down whilst dropping it down and turning to face forward as it meets the opening of the housing. The most difficult part to install is aligning the 3 tabs that secure the globe into the housing, this may take a bit of patience to get aligned correctly, we recommend levering the copper tails as a handle to twist it into position.

BMW E92 M3 Angel Eye LED UpgradeBMW E92 M3 Angel Eye LED Upgrade

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