With a large number of our customers being truck drivers pulling the late nighters crossing borders, it's essential they have the best when it comes to driving visibility on the roads. This post will cover a wide range of popular choices across the board of LED Driving Lights whether it be converting the dull Halogen headlights to LED or LED Light Bars & Spot Lights to get you through thick and thin.




23Globetrotter 4 x STEDI Type X Sport

For those making the long overnight hauls, we understand that good lighting is essential. That being said we find that for the big rigs, you will never find yourself short of real estate to fit a vast combination of auxiliary driving lights to help you on your adventures. The photos are shown above display a few of our customer's setups that are both fitted with 4 of our Type X™ V1 LED Spot Lights which have been replaced in our range for the Type X™ PRO & Sport models. For most heavy road vehicles the harness in the box with our driving lights is suitable but will most likely need the 12v Relay swapped out for the 24v Relay alternative.

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STEDI Carbon Iris 7 Inch LED Headlight

We offer a small range of complete LED Headlight Conversions that will completely replace the globes and housing which are also ADR compliant. With the 7 Inch Carbon and Iris offering a complete upgrade for most trucks with 7 inch headlights, they are a complete unit with the LED, Reflector, and lens being manufactured as a single unit and parameters of performance well within the guidelines of ADR so it's as simple as to fit and forget. To check the full known list of compatible fittings via the specific product description.

In the near future, we are planning to expand into the square style LED Headlight Units, as they are a wider category it will require a little more homework at our end.

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As to just upgrading the headlight globes to LED, we offer a wide range of headlights, interior, or exterior globes. Our internal database on which globes suit which vehicles is ever-expanding but at this stage, our knowledge of trucks is a little limited. As we always state, if there are things regarding which globes you need throughout your vehicle, feel free to give us a call and we can help you identify the required globes.

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With a few inquiries to the legality of DRL (daytime running lights) in relation to the ADR, we have done a bit of digging to find the below information. Current as of 10th December 2019. Please note that the regulation can be subject to change at any time and can be found through the following link: https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/pdf/inforce/current/sl-2013-0076

Daytime running lights

(1) A pair of daytime running lights may be fitted to a heavy motor vehicle.

(2) A pair of daytime running lights fitted to a heavy motor vehicle with 4 or more wheels must be fitted with the centre of each light—
(a) at least 600mm from the centre of the other light; and
(b) not more than 510mm from the nearer side of the vehicle.

(3) However, a pair of daytime running lights fitted to a heavy motor vehicle less than 1300mm wide may be fitted with the centre of each light not less than 400mm from the centre of the other light.

(4) When on, a daytime running light fitted to a heavy motor vehicle must - 
(a) show a white or yellow light visible from the front of the vehicle, and 
(b) not use more than 25W. Note— The third edition ADRs only allow white daytime running lights.

(5) Daytime running lights fitted to a heavy motor vehicle must be wired so they are off when a headlight, other than a headlight being used as a flashing signal, is on.

(6) In this section - daytime running lights mean lights fitted to the front of a vehicle for improving visibility in the daytime.