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Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Upgrade Guide


We now have a wide selection of LED upgrades for a variety of globes inside and out for 200 Series Landcruiser (available through our Vehicle Selector). Click through to our Toyota LED Conversion listing to select from our range of currently confirmed LED Upgrades for your 200 Series.



Blessed with some room to work with, the headlight in the 200 Series is quite an easy procedure to upgrade. With a major improvement in performance, the upgrades still maintain a sharp cut beam, thereby reducing glare to other road users and unwanted reflection from road signs.

Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser Halogen vs LED Headlights

Being that most Toyota models run an exposed headlight you will not come across the struggle of fitting anything inside the headlight housing. The module will just need to be cable tied to a secure point in the engine bay, away from moving components. The tails can just be spread as wide as possible for maximum heat management (as shown in the photo below). As you can see from the lux readings
(comparing the factory halogen globes against our Copper Head LEDs): you can see a clear improvement, jumping from 3968 Lux on the Halogen up to 7136 Lux on the LED. This equals out to 55% increase in overall light output.

Copper Tails SpreadHalogen Lux ReadingLED Lux Reading

Halogen vs LED Headlight Comparison

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The installation process for the parkers is quite straightforward. Simply unplug the halogen and replace it with your LED globe. The reverse light is located in the tailgate light cluster. There are bolts located around the underside that just need to be unscrewed. The reverse light is located in a small bulb holder at the bottom of the unit.

200 Series LED Parker Upgrade200 Series LED Reverse Light Upgrade200 Series LED Reverse Light Upgrade

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The map light in the Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series is very much the same as the Hilux and will require the bulb holders to be ever so slightly shaved on the inside of the socket. This will allow the chipboard of the LED Globe to pass through and fit securely in position. This can be done using a small blade and shaving back the plastic tab between the 2 power tabs. The complete unit will need to be removed to access the bulb holders which will just twist release from the housing.

Halogen Map Light200 Series Map Light RemovalLED Map Light

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The dome and trunk light is exactly the same process as one another. Simply use a flat head screwdriver to remove the cover and the rest is pretty straightforward. Some 200 Series may feature a light that is active in compliance with the doors being open. When replacing these globes, be sure to close all the doors and position the switch mode to be active with the doors open. If that is the case, simply wait a minute for the light to turn off, and cool down a little. Halogen lights can generate a bit of heat in a short span of time so removing when the globe is hot is never ideal. Swap in the new LED Globe (ensuring the LEDs are facing down for the best performance) and reclip the cover back over.

Halogen Dome LightHalogen Dome Light RemovalLED Dome Light



New to our range of LED conversion kits are the 1000 lumen high output globes (available in T10/15, T20, and BA15S). They will suit just about any car on the market. Compared to our other conversion globes they offer a much brighter illumination with a slightly different installation method. A good customer has thrown together a short video briefly describing the installation as well as giving quite a useful comparison between the factory halogen globes. Click the image below to watch.




200 Series Piggy Back Adaptor



The N80 Toyota Hilux is fitted with the Short Type push button switches to suit Toyota. At this stage one of the more extensive ranges in terms of available prints which are shown below. The icons below show what prints are available.

Toyota Fortuner Push Button Switches

Short Toyota Push Button Switch - Air CompressorShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Auxiliary BatteryShort Toyota Push Button Switch - BeaconShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Fog LightShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Front DiffShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Rear DiffShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Portable FridgeShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Left Side LightShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Right Side LightShort Toyota Push Button Switch - LED Light BarShort Toyota Push Button Switch - On OffShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Roof LightsShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Rear LightsShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Spot LightsShort Toyota Push Button Switch - STEDI UniversalShort Toyota Push Button Switch - Winch