Upgrading your interior lights to LED helps bring the interior out of the stone age. We now have a wide variety of options to help convert your interior lights to LED.  As always if you find yourself getting stuck at any point feel free to call us Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on (03) 8360 9261.

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Listed below are the current interior LED upgrades available:



T5 WEDGE (2721)

More commonly used for interior use is the T5 (2721) globe. The type of applications includes gauge dashboard, instrumental plate, interior lighting, and in some cases, license plate lights.

T5 Wedge



Starting off with the most commonly found across the board, is the T10. Used in most lighting throughout the interior of your car from dome/map globes to trunk and courtesy lights. Currently available in 3 sizes (dependent on the application), the T10 comes in 33mm, 28mm, and 24mm. All have a standard 8.8mm width at the plug end, as the fitting is standard.

When replacing these types of globes, our STEDI T10s are compatible with all T10 Wedge sockets. You will just need to measure the height for the intended fitting via the previous globe. It is important to get the right size globe to replace your old ones, as the wrong size may not fit into the existing socket and may have performance issues. You will find that 28mm T10's will suit 98% of vehicle parker lights, and 24mm will be suitable to use in DRLs.

T10 Wedge


T20 WEDGE (7440, 7443, W21/5W)

When it comes to interior lighting, the T20 isn't very common. If these styles of globes are installed in your vehicle, they are mostly found in the dome light and the 2 map lights. T20 bulbs also have 2 different types, 1 being single filament (7440) and the other being dual filament (7443). The difference is that the single filament is used for applications, with only a single illumination option i.e no dimmer. The dual filament is cross-compatible with both the 7440 & 7443 fittings. The 7443 can be used on applications such as DRLs and brake lights, as there is more than one level of brightness required from the globe. For example, most DRL's will dim as the indicator is active, as well as the rear brake lights that also have 2 levels of brightness (one for driving at night and one when the brakes are being applied).

T20 Wedge

T20 Wedge



This style of globe is very similar to the usage of the T10 globe. Also available in 3 sizes, 31mm, 36mm, and 42mm. The system in which Festoon globes are used is via 2 prongs on each end (in which the globe slots into). The Festoon globes are similar to the T10 application but are dependent on the fitting style that your vehicle uses. 

These globes are measured end to end but are compatible within 2mm longer or shorter, due to the style in which they are fitted into the socket.

Festoon GlobeDivider


The bayonet-type globes run the 2 most common sizes that are found in vehicle parker lights and interior: BA9s & BA15s. These types of globes run various different connector pin patterns, which is why we have added as much information below to help you find the exact replacement suited to your vehicle. 

BA15S / BAY15D

Our BA15 Globes are available in 2 variants. The BA15S is a single filament, usually found in reverse lights or parkers. The BA15D is a dual filament used for brake lights or other dimmable applications (where there is full brightness and a dimmed brightness). The BA15S globe runs a directly parallel tab mount. If you look at the 2 mounting tabs they will both ,lne up vertically and horizontally. The BA15D is slightly offset with one side being slightly higher than the other.

BA15S Socket





A common application for BA9s globes includes map/dome lighting, dashboard lights, footwell, gauges, vanity & instrument clusters. The fitting pins run parallel to one another which will slide into the mount and twist to lock into position.

BA9s Socket




There are many different globe fittings required throughout your vehicle's interior. The most commonly found are the T10/T20 Wedge, Festoon, and Bayonet globes. Replacing your interior globes is generally a straight-up swap with the existing globes. But if you come to find yourself stuck and are unsure of the globe type you need, then refer to our interior light listing below: