A wider range of content at a more frequent rate!

The STEDI YouTube channel is an area that we want to take a heavier approach to leading further into 2017. Bringing you field test and comparison videos to help you compare and choose the right light for your intended driving environments. A collection of tutorials with requests to help run through some of the more technical side of set up and installation. We will also be adding a large library of videos showcasing the large majority of our products and some key features of the lights.

With this larger push to our YouTube we also want to hear what you want to see. If there is something you're struggling with set-up wise regarding LED Lights and mounting them, switch wiring or anything else relevant to STEDI products feel free to send your request through to enquiries@stedi.com.au and we will do our best to provide a detailed blog, instructional diagram or tutorial video to help really get you through the sticky situation you might be stuck in. 

Here is the ST2K Full Feature video released earlier this week to get the ball rolling.

Check out the channel and hit subscribe to keep up to date with whats in store for 2017!