H3 LED Head Light Conversion Kit STEDI Night Pilots


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H3 LED Head Light Conversion Kit STEDI Night Pilots is available for purchase in increments of 1


Plug & Play STEDI Night Pilot LED Headlight Conversion Kit. H3 Brush-less Ball Bearing Fan LED Globe.


H3 | LED Head Light Conversions

Your primary headlights are the single most important light source for night driving, and so if your headlights fail after a long day of hunting fishing or camping, the last thing we want is for you to park up until day break. 

This is why in our search for the ultimate LED headlight conversion system our criteria was first and foremost long term quality and reliability. We sampled, age and field tested over 20 different conversion kits from every end of the spectrum claims to quality, lumen, to finally settle on the STEDI Night Pilot LED Kit. 


  • THERMAL MANAGEMENT - Quite literally the end all be all of all LED Lighting is thermal management. The inferior LED conversion kits use inexpensive non application specific fans which are prone to failure. 11 out of 20 we aged tested failed within 45 days. When the fan fails, the LED will fail shortly thereafter. The STEDI Night Pilot's use a Japanese Ball Bearing Brush-less DC Fan which has survived all of our testing with flying colours. Additional thermal management is provided by the cold pressed Al Alloy with thermal conductivity of 226 W/m.K which is 42% more conductive compared to the cheaper kits using die cast heat sinks. 
  • LIGHT OUTPUT - Needless to say our foremost criteria in light output demanded excellent in lux performance and excellent net light volume, but just as equally important was that the beam must be uniform and free of hot and cold spots.To meet this demand, countless hours of optic ray tracing tests were performed to ensure a universally coherent focal sweet spot is achieved.  Powered by Cree's ground breaking XHP50 using the SC5 Technology™ Platform, a there is no shortage of brightness. We are so confident that our Night Pilots will exceed your expectation, we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee, and a real 24 month replacement warranty.


  • CAN-Bus error FREE Module
  • Electrically Protected again RF and EM Interference 
  • Over and Under Voltage Protection 
  • Waterproof connectors
  • Plug and Play H Connector | No cutting or professional installation required, just plug and play
  • Ingress Protection IP65 
  • True White 6000 Kelvin 

Different vehicles may have different headlight dust-cover caps. In some cases this may not fit, or may require modification to fit once our conversion kit is installed. 








What's in the box

What’s in the box

  • 2 x STEDI Night Pilot LED Conversion Headlights 
  • 2 x Drivers 
  • Mounting Hardware 
  • User Instruction Manual 

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Hi, would this be suitable for a 150 series prado, from memory when I installed the spotlights it was a H3 high beam light? the fitting for the h3 here looks different?

Hi , would this conversion work on 2007 BMW X5 with H7 fittings ??
Can you get this in H11
The Halogen Globes in the "Fog Lights" on my 2013 SR5 Hilux are HB4, would your version of the HB4 be suitable for this purpose as a single beam fog light?
I have an old 2001 RAV4 and want to improve my lights for general driving and night driving. Im not sure, but I suspect they are H3.Can I use this H3 LED HEAD LIGHT CONVERSION KIT STEDI NIGHT to simply remove old bulbs and install these conversion kits? Do I need to add any additional wiring, relays or any changes at all?Thanks


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HB3 Landcruiser Hi-Beam Review
Review by Wildlife Horizons
Ok, nearly a month ago I replaced my HB3 Halogen Hi-Beam headlight bulbs with the LED Conversion kit from Stedi and found that there is room for improvement.

The LED bulbs are bright, same wattage as the HB4 (Low-Beam), however, there is room for improvement with these purely in the way of tuning the focal beam.

I found that the Hi-Beam gets lost in the low beam and is quite dispursed, considering that the halogen bulbs that were removed were very spot like and cast a beam a good 200 - 300mtrs, even if the beam was somewhat yellowish.

After doing a little testing trying to get the best beam from the LED's, I figured that there is only two adjustments for the LED bulbs. This is not enough to find tune to get the best beam from the headlight design.

I would recommend that the manufacturer do some R&D in this area. The bulb mounting flange needs to have 4 screw holes at 90° increments and 4 screw holes at 90° but offset by 45°. This would provide 16 mounting positions of the bulb for beam tuning. Or 8 holes in the mounting flange at 45° increments.

I discovered this by rotating the HB3 bulb while facing a blank wall and observing the beam pattern and how it lights up the road. Unfortunately the current mounting flange does not offer this and the beam spread is limited.

The Halogen bulbs light evenly in the headlight reflector at 360° providing a direct distribution of light pattern and spread. With the LED bulbs, they presently broadcast the beam sideways and not forward that much. The beam is almost directly sideways lighting up the road beside the vehicle, but little going forward to light the road ahead.

In my earlier review I mentioned about using some cheap heatsinks to reduce the heat, well it works very well. From having the Canbus driver blisteringly hot, to an acceptable temperature from the little cost of $4 to do all 4 Canbus drivers.

In all, bright enough, but there is considerable room for improvement for beam tuning. (Posted on 7/12/2016)
Best Lights I've Ever Used
Review by Wildlife Horizons
When I received these HB4 LED conversion kit for my 100series Toyota Landcruiser, I first replaced the low beam globes due to one Halogen Bulb had blown. I first noticed that one light afer changing to the LED bulbs needed to be adjusted due to the low beam shooting almost straight up, way above the high beam. This was totally confusing and then as a last resort I rotated the bulb locking flange 180° and hey presto, perfectly aligned.

I have been using Halogen Ultra white bulbs for many years, but after fitting the LED's in the low beam, my ultra white high beam halogen bulbs are very yellow and so much duller than the LED low Beams.

I am now ready to replace the halogen high beam bulbs with these LED kits from Stedi.

I have noticed that the Canbus Drivers get quite warm with contineous use, so I would recommend that you get some cheap heatsinks from Jaycar to assist in heat reduction of the Canbus Driver. Why would you want to do this? Because the Canbus is an Electronic device, and Heat is a major source of reducing the longevity of electronic devices. A could different types of heatsinks will work, a larger unit for about $7 which will hold two Canbus drivers or a self adheasive one that can be directly attached to the Canbus driver that will help lower the operational temperature of the device.

I would highly recommend these LED bulbs as they are the best I have used and the inbuilt cooling fan is very quiet and there is ample room between the LED heatsink and the heavy duty truck battery I have fitted to my Cruiser.

When I purchased my LED bulbs only a couple weeks ago, they were nearly twice the price and if I had waited just two weeks, I could have purchased the HB4 (low beam) and HB3 (high beam) for the same price.

After using these in your vehicle, you wont go back to halogens, they are just that good. (Posted on 5/11/2016)

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