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T1000 LED Task & Camp Light

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Say goodbye to the annoyance of blue lights. The T1000 emits a beautiful white light, with an Amber/Orange mode to provide warmer colour temperatures while also reducing insects. The brightness can also be adjusted by using 4 different brightness modes. 


The T1000 is designed to be the portable, swiss-army knife of LED lights. In addition to the primary 4500k - 1700k high definition LED, the T1000 features a convenient, dual-mode, 250 Lumen LED Flash-Light, perfectly suited for the small tasks. 


Are you fed up with short battery life? Yep, we hear you. With just a 3.5 hour charge time, you will be able to achieve maximum illumination for up to 4 hours. If longevity is your preference, then you can achieve 84 hours on low mode. 

The nitty

T1000 LED Task & Camp Light.

Innovative and powerful, the new T1000 LED Task & Camp Light is the latest offering from STEDI. Combining a robust design with a highly portable and high-performing LED light, the T1000 is made to illuminate any environment.


  • The Perfect Colour Temperature: 4500K - No blue light emitted, beautifully white with a hint of warmth. 
  • Amber / Orange Colour Mode:  Switch from 4500K to 1700K to (reduces insect)
  • Magnetic Mount:  Powerful magnets embedded magnets in base mount 
  • Versatile Swivel Mount: 190°  adjustment
  • Hook Mount: Integrated Hook Mount
  • Variable Light Intensity:  4 Stage Adjustable Brightness
  • Digital Battery Indicator:  Mounted onboard LED battery level indicator
  • Excellent Run-time: 4 Hours Run-Time on max mode and 84 Hours run-time on low.
  • Built-in Flash Light: 250 Lumen LED Flash-Light with High and Low Mode 6000K  


  • 5200mAh 3.7v Li-Ion battery 
  • DC Input: 5v 3A  / 9v 2A
  • IPX5 Water and Dust resistance
Charge Time: 3.5 Hours via USB.

Tech Specs

Power Source  3.7V 5200mAh / 38.5Watt
Flood Light Lumens (High) 1,000Lm | 4 H run-time
Flood Light Lumens  (Medium) 430Lm | 7 H run-time
Flood Light Lumens  (Low) 30Lm | 84 H run-time
Orange Light Lumens 45Lm | 13 H run-time
Flash Light Lumens (High) 250Lm | 13 H run-time
Flash Light Lumens (Low)  70Lm | 48 H run-time
USB Input 5v 2A  
IP Rating IP65
Main Colour Temperature (CCT) 4500K
Orange Colour Temperature (CCT)  1700K 
Flashlight Colour Temperature (CCT) 6000K
Charging Time 3.5 Hours
Operating Temperature  - 20c° to 60c°
Weight 0.320kg

What's Included

  • T1000 LED Task Light
  • USB-C Charge Cable 
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